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The funds in the amount of USD 870,000 were illegally transferred overseas by a company from Nakhodka


Nakhodka customs officials discovered a company having illegally transferred funds in the amount of USD 870,000. Six administrative offence cases at once have been initiated against it by Nakhodka Customs Office.

A contract between a company from Nakhodka and Chinese firm for delivery of foodstuffs and consumer goods to Russia was signed back in 2015. The Russian company transferred USD 870,000 to its partner in China against future deliveries (in terms of Russian rubles – 56 mln). By the end of the term the goods still have not arrived to Russia. According to the law, the Company was obliged to return transferred funds to Russia, but it failed to do so.

A Company will have to pay a large fine.

Source: Press Service of the Nakhodka Customs

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