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Customs declaring of miners



When declaring the encryption (cryptographic) means, correct indication of code of a relevant approval document in box 44 of goods declaration is important. These devices, to which, among others, cryptocurrency miners belong, move based on information of notification.

According to Classifier of types of documents and data used in customs declaring, notification data is indicated in box 44 of goods declaration under code “10052” (information on inclusion of the relevant notification into the Uniform register of notifications about the characteristics of the encryption (cryptographic) means and products containing them).

Indication of notification data under codes “01999” (other documents acknowledging observance of prohibitions and restrictions), “10023” (other data indicated during customs declaring, if it is envisaged by the customs legislation of the Russian Federation) is not correct.

As noted by the Head of Trade Barriers and Export Control Department of the Far Eastern Customs Administration Anna Krivonogova, correct indication of a document type code in box 44 of goods declaration helps to reduce the time needed for customs authority inspection of the documents and data.

Source: Press-service of FECA

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