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Service:  3PL
Project cost: 10 600 €
Duration of works: 5 weeks

Input data:

The Client asked to buy the goods abroad on his behalf under the Carrier contract, to deliver the goods to the Russian Federation, to complete customs clearance and sell the goods inclusive VAT to him, to deliver the goods according to customer’s instructions.



To carry out the package of works on a turn-key basis.


What was done:

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.
  • Negotiations with a Shipper have taken place, during which all the details of transaction and shipment were discussed.
  • The following details were determined: goods code as per FEACN classifier, import duties and VAT were calculated, and customs value risks were estimated.
  • The Customer was given a delivery contract and invoice which included: goods price, cost of delivery to Russia, cost of customs clearance, import duty, VAT, certificate, cost of our services.
  • On receipt of payment from the Customer the contract with the Shipper was concluded, the goods were paid.
  • Packed goods were delivered to Russia
  • Customs clearance was completed.
  • All duties and VAT were paid.
  • The goods were delivered to the Customer’s unloading site.
  • The following documents were prepared and submitted: consignment note and invoice for the goods.


A range of 3PL services on a turn-key basis was provided. The Customer received the goods VAT included (with VAT recoverable); received a service package which allowed to save his time and the time of his employees.