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Construction company, contractor for construction of fitting pipes producing plant. company of federal significance in gas sector

Service:  3PL
Project cost: 268 000 €
Duration of works: 30 days

Input data:

The Customer bought superheavy presses of 38 to 159 tons in Italy.



Conduct negotiations and ensure equipment delivery to the Customer.


What was done:

  • Negotiations with the Shipper in Italy have taken place with the purpose of clarification of all the details and solving a maximum number of issues able to affect the delivery process.
  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.
  • The route and delivery options were worked out, taking into account heavy weight of equipment.
  • The cargo was shipped on time.
  • Cargo delivery by a specialized ship from Italy to Saint Petersburg port was carried out.
  • Bonded transit was executed.
  • The cargo was delivered to Tchaikovsky by motor transport, excluding roads with bridges across the rivers and water bodies.
  • Cargo movement and route were agreed by all controlling bodies.
  • Customs clearance was completed.
  • Delivery and unloading at the Customer’s warehouse took place.



The Customer was offered a service package for delivery of superheavy equipment, which is a very complicated and demanding task.