How to become a partner

We have the following requirements to our employees and partners:

Quality of work
It must always be on a high level
Document flow
All the documents in any process should always be prepared on time and without mistakes.
Delivery deadlines
Each day we calculate hundreds of routes. We choose the most effective for our clients and strictly adhere to the specified time frames.
Fulfillment of obligations
Implementation of all arrangements is a guarantee of honest and transparent cooperation with clients and partners.

At present we have signed direct contracts with the largest ports of the world:

Hamburg (Germany)
Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Kotka (Finland)
New York (USA)
Baltimore (USA)
Mumbai (India)
Chennai (India)
Qingdao (China)
Shanghai (China)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Novorossiysk (Russia)
Vostochny (Russia)

Each day we deliver goods across the globe. For our clients we distinguish 3 main types of services:

3PL range of services
Outsourcing of logistics