3PL service is an excellent opportunity for a company to focus on its key operations, delegating logistics tasks to the logistics operator. It will help save your time and resources considerably..

Nowadays international logistics market is developing rapidly, it also has some peculiarities. First of all, it needs the knowledge of legislation, knowledge and experience in the field of optimal transport routes planning, search of interim depots and professional operators. It is better to let specialized companies familiar with this kind of activity do the task.

Key services of 3PL-operator

  • Logistics outsourcing.
  • Developing procedure and route of goods delivery.
  • Storage facilities for goods warehousing, including special cargo.
  • Storage facilities in key localities (major ports, cities).
  • Enhancement of logistics process effectiveness.
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Search of Russian and international partners to
    ensure the optimal cargo delivery quality.
  • Goods delivery under the Carrier contract.
  • Surveyor services.

Example of 3PL service

1. Customer’s call
  • Acceptance of a request
    for processing.
2. Request processing
  • Determination of terms of delivery.
  • Selection and calculation of optimal routes.
  • Calculation of the cost of additional services.
  • Agreement of the estimate and conditions
    with the customer.
  • Signing the delivery contract and appendices
    to it.
  • Payment of the invoice.
3. Delivery procedure
  • Negotiating with the cargo Shipper.
  • Issue of requests for all participants
    of delivery process.
  • Issue of requests for all participants
    of delivery process.
  • Customer informing of delivery progress
    at each stage.
4. Transfer of cargo to the customer
  • Goods delivery to the Customer’s warehouse.
  • Provision of all supporting documents and reports.
  • Signing closing documents with a date of arrival to the final destination.

Additional services
  • Delivery under the Carrier contract. Purchasing of goods in the Russian Federation VAT inclusive with paid duties, customs clearance and certification.
  • Certification.
  • Survey. Cargo acceptance for delivery according to Customer’s check list (complete set and quality of transported goods), integrity control at all stages (photo reports), identification of the guilty party in case of damage or loss of cargo.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Dismantling. In some cases it is necessary to dismantle and pack equipment before shipment.
  • Goods warehousing. Arrangement of goods warehousing in intermediate locations meeting the necessary storage conditions.
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