The Federal Customs Service will introduce the navigation seals for all international transport

24 august 2018

The Government of the Russian Federation approved the use of electronic navigation seals for cross-border transit transport.

While the navigation seals were used to control the transportation of goods from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in the past, today all foreign goods will be under attack. Cargo will now be sealed with new seals equipped with GLONASS satellite navigation system. At that, the sealing will be at the expense of the consignee or the consignor. This introduction is expected to exclude the importation into Russia of prohibited and sanctioned goods disguised as transit. However, the experts reply: “The system cannot prevent sanctioned goods from entering the territory of Russia,” the meeting participants noted on the relevant issue.

The electronic seal should also ensure non-stop movement of goods and seamless border crossing. In the opinion of the management, it will significantly reduce the time for delivery of goods, inspections at customs, increase transport safety, and also eliminate violations of customs legislation.

Source: National interests

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