IBM and Maersk launched the blockchain platform to track freight traffic

09 august 2018

The American technology corporation IBM and the Danish Maersk Group have launched a blockchain platform for tracking freight traffic and exchanging customs and financial information.

Participants in the platform, called TradeLens, are 94 companies and organizations, including more than 20 ports and terminals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Rotterdam, Halifax and other cities, customs services from the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Australia, logistics companies Agility, CEVA Logistics, DAMCO, Kotahi and others.

During the 12-month beta testing, the platform carried out more than 154 mln operations, including fixing the arrival time of container ships, transferring documents between the carrier and the cargo owner, transferring invoice to cargo owner. The main advantage over the traditional electronic data interchange (EDI) is the company"s ability to share information in real time with all interested participants in cargo transportation, as well as a more secure transfer of this information.

Source: Kommersant

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