Consolidated cargo was delivered from Germany for 7 days

17 july 2018

Our regular customer has a need to deliver a small consignment of goods from the German Hagen to Izhevsk. It was necessary to deliver quickly and cheaply. In other words, due to the high cost of delivery a separate car was not suitable. For such small cargoes from the European Union, delivery in a consolidated car is ideal, however, this is not always fast.

We could not fail our client and that"s why the employees of our company found the best option - delivery in a direct consolidated car that is without additional overload and consolidation in the warehouse. Total transit time from the moment of loading in Germany and until unloading in the temporary storage warehouse in Izhevsk was only 7 days, and at the same time the delivery cost was minimal. Our client was very impressed and certainly pleased. And we are pleased that we were able to help the client.

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