A Russian drilling company

Service: 3PL, Survey
Project cost:
220 000
Duration of works:
7 days

Input data:
The Customer bought oil equipment in China on DAP conditions.

To ensure customs clearance, delivery of oil equipment from China through Manchuria/Zabaikalsk border by motor transport to the Customer’s oil field.

What was done:

  • Negotiations have taken place resulting in agreements with a terminal in China about equipment transfer to the motor transport with Russian number plates and equipment export to the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • The cargo was transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation and placed to the temporary storage warehouse in the city of Zabaikalsk.

  • Customs clearance with inspection was completed.

  • Equipment was loaded and delivered to the oil field in Irkutsk.


The Customer was rendered a high quality prompt service. Equipment was delivered within the specified time frames.