A Russian manufacturer

Service: 3PL
Project cost:
10 300 $
Duration of works:
5 weeks

Input data:
The Customer works with the Shipper independently. When addressing our company he provides the following details: weight, dimensions, Shipper contact information.

To find an optimal route and ensure delivery to the Customer.

What was done:

  • Negotiations with the Shipper have taken place to clarify all the details and solve a maximum number of issues able to affect delivery process.

  • The necessary container type was determined. Container was chosen.

  • An optimal route was planned and port of departure and delivery was determined.

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.

  • The plan was agreed by both parties.

  • Surveyor was sent at the Shipper’s warehouse together with a container for checking equipment quality (according to the Customer’s check-list).

  • The equipment was packed under Surveyor’s supervision.

  • Surveyor sealed the container.

  • Cargo was insured.

  • Delivery to the port and loading of the container was supervised by Surveyor.

  • Timely shipment of cargo was carried out.

  • Surveyor’s report on equipment quality was prepared.

  • The cargo was delivered to Saint Petersburg by sea.

  • The cargo was met at the port by Surveyor, who checked the integrity of seals and cargo.

  • Cargo transshipment to motor transport witnessed by Surveyor was carried out.

  • Customs clearance was done at the border.

  • Cargo delivery to the point of destination in the Russia was carried out.

  • Surveyor report with a photo report was provided to the Customer.


A range of services for cargo delivery was provided. Since the service was rendered as a package, direct agreements with different ports and terminals were concluded which resulted in considerable reduction of the cost of delivery.