Vegetation and selection company of federal significance

Service: Outsourcing
Project cost:
84 700 €
Duration of works:
50 days

Input data:
Every year the Customer organizes delivery of seed potatoes from Germany for his own needs and for his clients throughout Russia. The Customer supplies goods to the clients in up to 70 cities.

To supply the goods to all the necessary cities.

What was done:

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.

  • Negotiations with the Shipper have taken place to clarify all the details and solve a maximum number of problems able to affect the delivery process.

  • Vehicles with necessary parameters in accordance with delivery dates and geography were selected in amount of 38 trucks.

  • Timely shipment of cargo was made.

  • A user-friendly system of delivery control and cargo tracking was implemented.

  • Customs clearance was carried out at the border in Bryansk.

  • Cargo distribution among the points of destination was made within the territory of the Russia.


A range of services for cargo delivery from one place to different points of destination was provided. The Customer was offered an integrated service including working with the Shipper, delivery arrangement and customs broker services.