A Russian arms-making company

Service: 3PL, Survey
Project cost:
197 000
Duration of works:
28 days

Input data:
The Customer buys rifles with a scope in China for further resale.

To conduct negotiations with a Supplier, ensure customs clearance, arms delivery.

What was done:

  • Negotiations with the Shipper have taken place, commercial documents were received.

  • Container type and optimal route were chosen.

  • An empty container for loading was sent to the Shipper’s warehouse at a pre-scheduled time.

  • Surveyor inspected the cargo and documented correct loading according to the check list.

  • Delivery by sea from a Chinese port to the Vostochny port in the Russia.

  • Customs tariff numbers were chosen, customs charges calculated, the necessary cargo-related documentation for customs clearance purposes was collected.

  • Customs declaration was submitted and processed successfully.

  • After the customs clearance, the containerized cargo was reloaded to the railway platform under the Surveyor’s supervision and sent to the Customer’s address.

  • Upon arrival to the station of destination the cargo was met by Surveyor for seals and cargo integrity inspection.

  • The cargo was delivered to the Customer’s warehouse.


The Customer was offered a set of services for cargo delivery, checking the cargo compliance with the declared characteristics and safeguarding at all stages of delivery.