Manufacturer of footwear

Service: 3PL
Project cost:
6 700 $
Duration of works:
50 days

Input data:
The Customer bought a footwear production line in Taiwan on FOB Kaosing conditions. Oversized equipment.

To ensure equipment delivery to the Customer.

What was done:

  • Negotiations with the Shipper’s Moscow office have taken place with the purpose of clarification of all the details and solving a maximum number of issues able to affect the delivery process.

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.

  • The route and delivery options were planned.

  • Containers were selected suitable for equipment dimensions.

  • The containers of different size and function were delivered to the Shipper’s warehouse for loading.

  • The line was loaded and tired inside containers by the Shipper.

  • The cargo was shipped on time.

  • Cargo delivery from Kaosing port to Riga port was carried out.

  • Transshipment of cargo from containers to trucks was conducted in Riga port for further transportation to the Russia.

  • Latvia – Russia border was crossed successfully.

  • Cargo was delivered to the temporary storage warehouse for customs clearance.

  • Customs clearance with a full inspection by our broker and logistics expert was conducted.

  • Delivery and unloading at the Customer’s warehouse was conducted.


The Customer was rendered a service for delivery of oversized equipment.