Vegetation and Selection Company

Service: Outsourcing
Project cost:
654 €
Duration of works:
13 hours

Input data:
Every year the Customer organizes delivery of potato sprouts from the Netherlands for his own needs and for distribution among his clients across Russia.

To ensure delivery of potato sprouts from the Netherlands to Izhevsk within maximum 20 hours, to provide a box with required temperature parameters

What was done:

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.

  • Based on the short delivery time the route and delivery options were planed.

  • The box with a specified temperature mode was chosen meeting transportation conditions.

  • Negotiations with the Shipper have taken place with the purpose of clarification of all the details and solving a maximum number of issues able to affect the delivery process.

  • The cargo was shipped on time.

  • Express delivery of cargo from the Netherlands to Germany, Dusseldorf airport was carried out.

  • Air shipment Dusseldorf – Kazan was made.

  • Agreement with customs clearance authorities at the airport of Kazan was made for the purpose of the quickest possible processing within the limits of bonded transit.

  • Bonded transit was executed successfully.

  • Express truck delivery from Kazan to Izhevsk to the temporary storage warehouse took place.

  • Prompt customs clearance by the broker of our company was made.

  • Delivery and unloading at the Customer’s warehouse was conducted.


The Customer was rendered a service for express delivery of perishable goods. The Customer was offered an integrated service including working with the Shipper, arrangement of delivery and customs broker services.