A Russian company selling agricultural foodstuffs for animals

Service: Outsourcing
Project cost:
170 000
Duration of works:
7 days

Input data:
The Customer buys products in Finland on a regular basis for resale in different regions of Russia.

To ensure regular supply of products (3 to 10 trucks a week) from Finland to different regions of Russia. To complete customs clearance.

What was done:

  • Tripartite negotiations have taken place leading to approved plan of activities. It was also decided that the Finnish organization will send delivery requests to us directly.

  • After receipt of a request we chose the transport to be loaded at the Shipper’s warehouse.

  • The goods cross the border on their way to the temporary storage warehouse in Moscow for customs clearance.

  • Customs clearance takes place.

  • The goods are delivered according to the Customer’s map to different regions of the Russian Federation.


The Customer is rendered a service on a regular basis. The goods are delivered within a specified time frame to different localities in Russia.