Supplier of equipment for aviation technology and civil purpose products

Service: 3PL, Survey
Project cost:
682 000 €
Duration of works:
9 weeks

Input data:
The customer purchased the plant in the Netherlands with the view of using its equipment in its own territory in the Russia.

To ensure dismantling and delivery of equipment to Russia.

What was done:

  • A detailed plan of activities was provided with a check-list for controlling the works quality.

  • Negotiations with the Dutch organization have taken place with the purpose of clarification of all the details and solving a maximum number of problems able to affect the future works.

  • Contractor was found and hired which was involved in mounting and start-up adjustment of the Dutch plant 12 years ago. The task was to dismantle all the necessary equipment to the highest possible quality.

  • The cargo was packed and prepared for shipment.

  • Surveyor was provided, responsible for controlling the due quality of works while dismantling, packing, warehousing and loading of equipment. At each stage a detailed report was provided to the Customer, including a photo report.

  • A temporary storage warehouse for packed and ready for shipment equipment was provided.

  • All the necessary documents for customs clearance were prepared.

  • Partners’ activities for transportation logistics were planned. 22 trucks for bringing the cargo to Russia were arranged.

  • Customs controlled area was opened within the Customer’s premises, which resulted in a quick cargo acceptance procedure and reduced the delivery period considerably.

the Customer received a service package including negotiating with the Shipper, search of contractors, use of temporary storage warehouse, customs clearance and cargo delivery to the warehouse. Moreover, cargo dismantling and packing services were provided.